How to Discover Your Purpose

How can we discover our purpose and path?

Your purpose isn’t found when you rely on yourself for all the answers, but pursue God’s heart.

The key is a personal relationship with Him. 
God will speak to you differently than He will speak to others. Your path isn’t and shouldn’t be the same as anyone else, he created you uniquely with certain talents and gifts. Just because God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, that doesn’t mean we should all sit next to a bush waiting for God to speak. God used a fish to convict Jonah. God reveals his heart personally to each person. For that reason, your walk with God is essential. His heart is not seen in an occasional chat or weekly church visit. We will learn his will as we take up residence in His house every day. When you start comparing yourself to someone else or their path, stop yourself. Of course be happy for loved others and their accomplishments. But embrace YOUR OWN journey and happiness through discovering his unique path for you. No one can take that away, and that’s pretty awesome.

Our prayer is through Eleváre and wearing Christian jewelry engraved with Bible verses, it can be a fun way to remind you of this truth to take to heart daily. Your life has purpose and meaning. Discover that through Jesus.

‘Those who see the Son and believe in Him have eternal life…That is what my Father wants.”
John 6:40

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