Wearing Eleváre, you’re an automatic storyteller

At Eleváre, we believe jewelry is one of the most transformative things you can wear.

Throughout time, people have used family gems passed down from generations to wearing different symbols that hold personal significance to them.

There is nothing like a timeless piece you can wear, with a story to tell.

At Eleváre, our designs tell historic stories but bring a modern look.
Think of our pieces as a stylish accent day or night, but also a tool to equip you to be a storyteller.

You have a fun way to tell the story behind that design to your peers, friends, co-workers, friends or family! We’re not looking for scholars here— but it allows you to teach others or maybe even explore the meaning behind our designs to learn for yourself!

If you look closely, you see the fish symbol at the heart of our logo. We subtly incorporated this symbol, because we love the story behind it. Just in case you didn’t know– Christians used the fish as a safe symbol when Jesus was crucified. One person would draw half the arc in the sand, and the other person would complete it..knowing it was safe to talk about Jesus.

A symbol once used when Christians were persecuted, we can now wear in freedom + boldly with Eleváre!

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