The mission of Eleváre is to empower and elevate people of faith with fashion for everyday wear.

Meet The Designer 



It all started when founder Angela Zatopek was wearing a unique ring symbolizing her faith and was asked what it meant. In that moment, Angela reflected on how she loved what the ring stood for, but what if there could be other designs made that reflected faith in a different kind of way?

During this moment, Angela realized how much our fashion reflects what we stand for, so why not create a line that bridges fashion + faith?

Eleváre was born.

Dangling at the intersection of beautiful and intentional, Angela desires for these designs to serve as a witnessing tool to 'fashion your faith.’ 



What's with the fish?


Our signature design features the the iconic Christian fish symbol, historically called the 'Ichthys', detailed within a heart. This combination represents our mission to spread the good news of Jesus, ultimately being marked by love. 

 Ichthys is the Greek word for fish, with this symbol being one of the most important early Christian symbols. 

It was used by early Christians to identify themselves as followers of Jesus and to express their affinity to Christianity. History tells us it was used by early persecuted Christians as a secret symbol of identification because it wasn't easily identified like a cross.