When Angela was a young girl, she began wearing a unique ring gifted to her which symbolized faith and a promise of purity she decided to make until marriage. After graduating from college, she was casted on an NBC reality dating show produced by Eva Longoria (yes…a reality show, she knew it was kinda crazy.) Long story short, she was the “winner” of the reality show. However it wasn’t about the end result that really mattered, what impacted her the most from that experience was a single moment with an audience member.  After a live audience taping where she was asked about her stance on purity, a young audience member broke through the crowd to thank her for being bold in her faith. She then asked “where did you get your ring?” 

It was in that moment Angela thought, “What if I could create other pieces of jewelry that reminded us of God’s truths for our lives?”From there, Eleváre was born.Sitting on a flight, she began sketching ideas and loved the story behind the Christian fish symbol. Today the Genesis Collection reflects that iconic symbol, detailed within a heart.Her vision is to bring The Bible to life in a unique way for women today, elevating their style, voice and the beauty of life when walking with God's light.

So...What's with the fish?

The Genesis Collection features the the iconic Christian fish symbol, historically called the 'Ichthys', detailed within a heart. This combination represents our mission to spread the good news of Jesus, ultimately being marked by love.  Ichthys is the Greek word for fish, with this symbol being one of the most important early Christian symbols. 

It was used by early Christians to identify themselves as followers of Jesus and to express their affinity to Christianity. History tells us it was used by early persecuted Christians as a secret symbol of identification because it wasn't easily identified like a cross. 


Graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Angela’s professional background includes on-air television broadcasting and hosting.  Appearing on NBC, Fox, National Geographic, One America News and The Christian Broadcasting Network, Blair has traveled as an International Reporter covering entertainment, politics, culture and testimonial stories of hope.
Some of her recent work includes The Story of God,
featured on National Geographic with Morgan Freeman.